Sports Betting Introduced In United Kingdom By Poker Stars

Fans of sports betting in United Kingdom will now be able to try out this form of gambling in a legal mannerFans of sports betting in United Kingdom will now be able to try out this form of gambling in a legal manner as it has been officially launched by PokerStars on their latest mobile platform. The firm has recently made an official announcement that based on success of its online sports betting application it will introduce the application in other nations across Europe. The launch has been made in United Kingdom after several rounds of testing carried out during March and April this year. The owner of PokerStars, Amaya Gaming has stated that this move is a part of the firm’s long term strategy of providing tech savvy gaming solutions to its customers instead of being only a provider of poker.

 Future plans of Amaya Gaming in the online gambling industry

Though the firm has specialized in offering internet poker it recently announced plans to venture into offering other online casino gaming options along with sports betting too to provide complete gambling experience. During the public announcement Amaya’s officials also stated that to achieve this objective it will gradually expand into new avenues in online gambling like fantasy sports, sports betting, casino card games and also social gaming. This will help the firm acquire new customers and also supplement its income from all parts of Europe while establishing PokerStars brand.

Partnership of PokerStars and Amaya Gaming

Amaya Gaming purchased the former in 2014 by making a huge investment of $4.9 billion which is the largest online gambling acquisition till date. This acquisition also helped Amaya acquire another large brand Full Tilt Poker which had been taken by PokerStars a few years ago. With this acquisition the firm has managed to firmly establish itself in the internet gambling market with two well known poker brands which can now grow beyond poker into newer verticals like online casino and sports betting.