Pro-Sports and Fantasy Games Partners See Future in Betting

In recent months sports leagues and individual teams have been investmenting in fantasy sports. Sports leagues like NBA, Major League Baseball and National Hockey League have joined up with fantasy sports sites like FanDuel and DraftKings. Around two dozen teams of NFL have also joined hands with fantasy sports companies. It would be easy for fantasy sports websites to easily transition to sports betting as they already have a wide customer base. These firms are also recognized brands and can easily start operations once sports betting is legalized in states like New Jersey and others where discussions are already underway.

Sports leagues interested in betting

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The most enthusiastic proponent of sports betting in professional games is NBA commissioner Adam Smith. Since 2014, he has been pushing for an open discussion on making sports betting legal as it is now being played illegally with a large market within the United States. He feels that sports betting should be legalized on a federal level instead of a state level as New Jersey is the most active proponent of sports betting, which is illegal in most states of US. Other nations like the United Kingdom and Australia allow sports betting wherein teams charge licensing fees from betting shops to bet on their sporting action.

Not everyone is enthusiastic about sports betting

NBA is the most vocal of all sporting leagues wanting to allow sports betting on matches. Though Ontario Lottery is not likely to take any bets on NBA games, the league had to pay gambling monopoly when Raptors entered the league in 1993. When Grizzlies played a match in Vancouver, a similar agreement was made with British Columbia Lottery. While other sports leagues have partnerships with fantasy sports firms, they are not very enthusiastic about sports betting. Both NHL and NFL are fine with allowing betting on their matches played outside the United States in places like Canada and London, but do not want a similar practice on home turf.