Kiron Interactive Adds Keno Game to Roster


Kiron Interactive has always been known for being at the forefront of creating excellent virtual games. Their prowess in the field continues through a partnership with IPG International. This partnership will help both companies supply a new keno game to one of the largest casinos in Asia.

This deal is being set with the Naga World Casino in Cambodia. Kiron and IPG are keen to test the keno game in this prominent casino before deciding whether to make similar deals with other top Asian casinos.

The agreement between Kiron and IPG is for multiple years. It began during the middle of this year, and both companies are likely to churn out more games together in the near future.

Despite being in a land casino, this keno game is completely virtual. Kiron and IPG will work together to supply the audio and video systems, along with the specifically designed area that helps users get the complete keno experience.

Here is what the CEO of Kiron had to say on the matter: “We are delighted to introduce this keno game to the market. Our creation of this keno game is the result of a lot of hard work, experience, and years of leadership in the Asian games industry. We believe that there is a dearth of great keno games and our product will fill that void.”

The CEO of IPG was similarly enthusiastic about the product and their joint venture: “We believe that this alliance with Kiron Interactive is going to bring a lot of reward to IPG. We are committed to identifying and creating the very best in gaming solutions. With our hardware capabilities and the virtual gaming experience of Kiron, we have found the perfect partnership to create this excellent new virtual keno game.”