Can Macau Live on Baccarat Alone?

Macau is slowly realizing that it cannot depend solely on baccarat players, whether retail or high-rollers, for its continued survival as a worldwide gambling destination.

The venerable Poker King Club moved into its new permanent location at The Venetian Macau, and management is expecting at least a quarter increase in revenue following the geographical shift. The director of the Poker King Club, Winfred Yu, confided in Business Daily that the club is looking to Korea, Vietnam and the Phillipines for expansion.

Poker King Club moved into its new permanent location at The Venetian Macau

┬áCompared to the ultra-lucrative baccarat, poker is much less of a draw for many players, but the Poker King Club’s move to The Venetian gives Yu and his associates much more flexibility when it comes to the number of tables and the amount of gaming spaces available.

But there are still challenges ahead for gambling magnates who wish to overthrow the preeminence of baccarat in Macau. To bring sufficient numbers of pokers players to make it worth the Houses’ while, The Venetian would need to increase its number of rooms by about half, from 200 to 400 hundred suites. Nevertheless, the Venetian has more rooms than any of its competitors in Macau, and stands alone as the premiere destination for all gamblers, whether their game is poker or baccarat.

In addition to a majority share of all the rooms in Macau, The Venetian also possesses a concert hall, fine dining restaurants as well as a full-fledged convention area which hosts a huge variety of events throughout the year.

Despite, or perhaps because of all these amenities, Macau is a battleground between the two greatest sources of revenue: poker and baccarat. Macau as a whole, and The Venetian, in particular, is trying to strike a balance between poker, baccarat and the ubiquitous slot machines.