Australian Racing Industry Facing Cobalt Investigation

Australian Racing IndustryThree of Australia top horse racing trainers with an enviable reputation are now under a cloud of doubt and investigations about their compliance in the case is likely to take months. According to the case under investigation, high levels of cobalt have been found in prominent stables in Victoria and three trainers namely Peter Moody, Mark Kavanagh and Danny O’Brien are under police scrutiny. Chief Steward investigating the case Terry Bailey stated that the process would take months though all the three trainers have been questioned.


Trainers under scrutiny

In view of the circumstances surrounding the event and slim leads Bailey could not give an exact time frame about when the case would be closed though his office is trying their best to collect evidence through test reports. The investigation came under public scrutiny after Peter Moody’s horse Lidari, and Mark Kavanagh’s horse Magicool, which participated together at the Turnbull Stakes showed unusually high levels of cobalt in their body. The event was just a few weeks after three horses from Danny O’ Brien’s stables tested positive for cobalt even though Victoria’s Racing Association had limited existence of cobalt to 200mg per litre of urine.


Other accused trainers

The reading was accepted as standard norm across the nation since Jan 2014 and the chief veterinarian Dr. Brian Stewart of Victoria stated that natural existence of high cobalt levels in horses is almost negligent as all racing animals are given special feed and supplements to maintain strength and stamina. Besides the case of these three trainers, horses from Lee and Shannon Hope’s training division are also under investigation for similar case of high cobalt. All three trainers, Moody, Kavanagh and O’Brien have complete ignorance about reasons for existence of high cobalt in horses trained by them and have agreed to help racing authorities investigating the case.