Welcome to! SafeBetty is a site built and written for gamblers who are new to gaming. If you’re thinking of dropping a quarter in a slot machine for the first time, stop and read up on some basics first!

Gambling can be a bit of an extreme sport, and you don’t want to go in not knowing how to play the game! So arm yourself with our tips and information. On our site, you will find safe betting information, including:

  • what games carry the least risk
  • what games to play if you are a novice
  • how to gamble safely and sanely

You may be asking yourself, “Why should I listen to some stranger on the Internet?” We are experienced, enthusiastic gamblers with quite a bit of insight to share. More importantly, we love two things: gambling and hearing ourselves talk!

All experienced gamblers remember lingering at the edge of the gaming floor, feeling like a fish out of water. Everyone starts somewhere! Despite this, there is a decided lack of quality information on the Internet for gambling beginners. Maybe the more seasoned gamblers want to keep their secrets to themselves.

We’re not that stingy. We say the more, the merrier. We want to share our love of the game and the fun of gambling with other gamblers, experienced or not. That means making sure that newbies are well-informed and know when to cash in. aims to be a comprehensive knowledge base that gets you up to speed and lets you gamble with confidence. After that, the world is yours! Good reading and good luck!

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